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George W. Nye Trevor J. pierce George Nye was a loving husband and hard worker, he also came back from a civil war that tour the nation apart looking like a skeloten. He was a mechanic and was a prisoner of war. He was sick for 6 months. During this time he watched his brothers die, while he somehow survived, day after day, month after month, and yet he survived. When he got home he could not maintain his work because he was to weak. He had to move to Norwich, VT. To live with his family. When he died he left his family some basic belongings but he had almost nothing to give. George Nye lived along life, but he spent a good portion of it sick after returning from andersonville. George Nye was born in Fairfield, Maine in 1829. He had a father, Ezra Nye and a mother, Anna Flood. He also lived with 7 brothers and sister 's. His father was an alcoholic and a heavy better, he was once taken to court on account of debt when George was 5 years old (United States, Kennebec County Supreme Judicial Court. Ezra Nye. Oct. 1852). George 's father was a farmer, he ran the family farm along with Anna and the entire family.(Census Bureau, 1830). But George always had a knack for fiddling with the machinery around the house like the yolks for the…show more content…
It was a victory for the union army and the 9th vermont regiment. The fall of Richmond was fought at Richmond, Virginia. This was one of the last battles and the battle were the union took over the confederate capital. But before this battle George had been captured and forced into a prison camp( Author Visit.) George was not wounded or killed in any of his battles( VT Military Service Records). George Nye did not win a medal for surviving the prison camp(VT military service records). In the prison it was hard on his body and he was lucky to survive (Vermont in the civil war, Vol. 1.). He was kept in Andersonville.(VT Military Service
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