George Walton Essay

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Although the exact year of his birth is unknown, it is believed that George Walton was born sometime between 1940-50. He was born in Prince Edward Virginia to Robert and Mary Walton. His grandfather, also George Walton, had moved from England to Virginia in 1682. Walton’s family was poor and by the age of twelve, he was an orphan. Due to the death of his parents, Walton became an apprentice at a young age. Although Walton’s master was selfish and would not allow him to have a candle to read by, he still yearned for knowledge. He desired to learn, and even though he lacked scholastic education, he was determined. This resulted in a rapid growth in knowledge. However, by 1769, Walton had grown tired of his work and wanted a change. That same…show more content…
He became passionate about freedom from England and tried to convince others of it. It was not until 1776 that the Georgia Assembly sided with the patriots. The following February, delegates were appointed to attend the second Continental Congress, Walton being included. After leaving Savannah to attend the Congress, Walton was very much in favor of the proposition for independence. He signed the Declaration of Independence. Following this and until the year 1778, Walton was a representative of Georgia at the seat of the continental government. Due to his passion and knowledge, he was assigned various duties. Walton received a colonel’s commission in the militia in December of 1778, was present when Savannah surrender to British troops. Due to an injury in battle, Walton fell from his horse and was then take as prisoner by the British. In September of 1779, he was exchanged. The following month, he was named Governor of Georgia, but resigned in January of 1780 because he was elected as a Congress member. During his time in Congress, he as censured by the legislature because of earlier opposition with Button Gwinnett. Apparently Walton had sent a forged letter to Congress which led to a fatal fight between Gwinnett and Lachlan McIntosh. There are accounts that, because of his fury towards Walton, McIntosh horse-whipped
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