George Washington: A Great And Influential Man

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George Washington had long considered to be a great and influential man. Despite his lack of education and mediocre leadership skills, he is one of the most successful and fondly remembered leaders in our history. George Washington’s greatness didn’t come from his intelligence and achievements, but rather his exemplary character. Washington’s character embodied what we as a young nation were striving for. He was remarkably well received by everyone, which is why the decision to have Washington be our first president was unanimous; a decision that will make him go down in history as one of the most beloved and incorruptible leaders in the new world. George Washington was very great and important man with an incorruptible and exceptional character.

George Washington was not particularly gifted in any one area. He had very limited education, and possessed no real intellectual talent. “That he was too illiterate unlearned, unread for his station and reputation is equally past dispute.” (Page 3) At the time, one didn’t have …show more content…

Due to George Washington’s lack of confidence and acute awareness of what people thought of him; he cared very deeply about how he was perceived. Washington always acted in an exemplary manner as to draw attention from his shortcomings and highlight his assets, and it was due to this that Washington maintained an immaculate reputation. “Washington had earned his reputation, his “character,” as a moral hero, and he did not want to dissipate it.” (Page 8) Not only did Washington care deeply about his reputation in general, but he took great pride in his impeccable character. George Washington is still regarded as having one of the strongest and distinguished characters in American history. While his near illiteracy and limited military conquests may have been looked down upon by other influential men of the time, they all seemed to have great respect for Washington due to his

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