George Washington: A Successful Man

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Born on February 22, 1732 at Pope’s Creek, Virginia, George Washington was a very successful man. His parents were Augustine Washington and Mary Ball Washington. George Washington had 6 brothers and 3 sisters. His brothers were Lawrence, John Augustine, Samuel, Charles, Augustine Jr., and Butler. His sisters were Betty, Jane, and Mildred. Butler, Lawrence, and Augustine were his older half-brothers. Jane was George’s older half-sister. Jane Butler was Augustine’s first wife. Jane was also the mother to all of George’s half-siblings. Betty was George’s younger sister, and Samuel, John Augustine, and Charles were his younger brothers. Mary Ball was the mother to all of George Washington’s younger siblings. George Washington started school at…show more content…
Washington opposed the Stamp Act of 176. In 1769, Washington proposed a plan for Virginia to protest British goods until the Acts were repealed. In 1775 Washington was selected as a delegate to the First Continental Congress. In May of 1775, Washington went to the Second Continental Congress in Philadelphia wearing his military uniform. On June 15, he was made the Major General and the Commander-in-Chief against Great Britain. Washington had no serious competition. He was the best choice because he had prestige, military experience, and charisma. Washington was also very political. When the revolution started in New England, they were the only colony that had felt affected by the British government. Virginia was the largest British colon and Washington felt that they deserved recognition. Although Washington had a lot of experience with frontier warfare, he didn’t have enough experience to wage war on the most powerful nation. Washington did have one thing going for him though, he was courageous and smart enough to always stay one step ahead of the enemy. In 1776 Washington and his army had a victory. Washington and his men placed guns on top of Boston, which forced the British to withdraw from the battle. From there Washington took his troops to New York City, where the new British commander arrived. Sir William Howe had the largest force Britain had ever had. In 1776 the British…show more content…
For six months they were in the cold fighting for their lives. There were thousands of deaths over those six months. Most men died from the diseases they had caught. When the British left Philadelphia and went to New York, Washington and his men were ready to fight. This proved that Washington and his men were capable of having an open field battle. Washington’s goal was to keep the British in New York. In 1781 Cornwallis surrendered. Cornwallis had Washington and his men, and the French against him. He knew that he didn’t have a
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