George Washington: America's First President

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To say that George Washington was only the first president would be an incredible understatement. When in fact, he was the great general of the French and Indian War and or how his role as the Commander in Chief had a great impact on the war. His ambitious accomplishments started at a young age and he did not stop until he was an elderly. Even the great George Washington had to start somewhere , and he was not always the man that he is known as now. At one time he was a young boy who played with his brothers and sisters and went to school. It all started in Virginia of 1738, when George Washington was born, son of Augustine Washington and Mary Ball . George was the oldest of six brothers and sisters, but before George was born, his father…show more content…
He played an influential role as a successful leader in the great Revolutionary War, leading our willful soldiers off to battle. Without him, the battles that were fought and sacrifices that were made America would not be the country it is today. It is an incredible achievement that with all the obstacles that were thrown at him, both external and obstacle he still changed the course of history. Without Washington it is quite evident that he shaped the place we now call home. Many mistakes were made and many actions were questioned, but to say that George Washington was not one of the best president or even the best is definitely wrong. Everyday George Washington is seen around without people even realizing it, his face is seen on the one dollar bill and quater,his name is read everywhere, whether it is in towns,colleges, schools and even states.Of all the things a president needs, the most important trait is loyalty, and Washington had just that. Most people admired his sense of thinking. It was always fast and quick, he never doubted himself and that is something to admire. He also found himself in some sticky situations, whether it be Hamilton and Jefferson 's many disagreements, a law to pass. To the people he was great, always listening to the American citizens opinions or eve complaints.Traits like these are things that future presidents, even everyday people look up to. He earned the name he got , which is “Father of His Country”. President George Washington has made a huge impact on America and will continue to go down in history for the man that he was.(American Revolution/George
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