George Washington Buckner Thesis

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George Washington Buckner “Why should not the negroes be exalted and happy?”, a wise man once said. George Washington Buckner plays a very important role in African American history. His life spanned a special period of transition for Indiana’s African American equality. Many people have never heard of George Buckner but that does not make him any less important. George was born into slavery but soon made something of himself. He was the first African American to be appointed by a president to become minister of a country. He was widely known for promoting the equality of African Americans. George Buckner has a very significant personal background. George Washington Buckner was born on December 1, 1855 in Greensburg, Kentucky. He…show more content…
His son, Zach, carries on his legacy. George is buried in Evansville, Indiana at Oak Hill Cemetery. In the years following him getting back from Liberia, he was active in civic affairs. He also provided leadership for the Cherry Street Black YMCA, the United Brotherhood of Friendship, and Alexander Chapel Ame Church. He earned the nickname “Elder Statesmen of Indiana Blacks”. He also wrote the “Colored Folks” section of the region’s Democratic newsletter, urging them to support the party. George Washington Buckner is a hero we will never forget. Before today I had never heard of George Washington Buckner. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to right about his many accomplishments. The most important thing I learned about George Washington Buckner is that he was the first African American to become a minister. I was very surprised to find out that he taught himself to read without the help from others. Also I was surprised to find out that he became a free man at the young age of sixteen. Studying George Buckner has affected my life vastly. I now know about a great man that spent most of his life trying to help the lives of
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