George Washington Carver: The Peanut Man

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George Washington Carver who many refer to as the “peanut man” was more than just what his nickname suggests. Throughout his lifetime, Carver experimented with many crops and agriculture in order to find a common link between humanity and nature. His avid love for nature, which fueled his research, is the reason why today’s scientists are able to analyze and build off of his work. George Washington Carver’s research, experiments, and findings in agronomics provided improved farming methods in agriculture, showed his care and respect for his people as he attempted to financially fix the lives of Black farmers, and lastly, his work highlighted groundbreaking accomplishments as an African-American for his time.
George Washington Carver’s research
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Originally born as a slave, Carver persisted in his devotion of agronomics, despite facing racial discrimination in America (Allman-Baldwin, 2004, p.28). His efforts as an African-American first started when he began his education. His first major denial of acceptance due to race took place when he applied to Highland College located in Kansas, where his admittance was declined because he was African-American (Allman-Baldwin, 2004, p.28). However, Carver, not deterred, continued his journey to Simpson College and later to Tuskegee (Allman-Baldwin, 2004, p.28). George Washington Carver continued to make groundbreaking accomplishments after schooling given that towards the end of his career he was decorated with many awards such as being the first African-American to have a monument created on their behalf (Ginsberg, 2005, pg.3). What makes Carver great in the eyes of many Americans of his time and of today, is the fact that he set aside racial differences between blacks and whites; Carver somehow managed to find a common ground when relating with both blacks and whites. As best written by Judah Ginsberg, “ Indeed, Carver became a racial symbol for blacks and whites. For African Americans, before the civil rights movement, Carver was a role model to emulate. For whites, he was proof that America was a land of opportunity for everyone” (2005, pg.3). In final analysis, George Washington Carver, though a scientist, was also a social activist and precedent for many African-Americans as well as whites in the country, because of this he is significant to America
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