George Washington Carver's Impact On African American

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George Washington Carver was born into a world where African Americas were not treated equal. He was born during the Lincoln administration, where President Lincoln was working to have a united United States of America. The Southern part of the United States were supportive of having black slaves to work on their farms and plantations. The Northern part of the United States, however, did not support the use of slaves to perform work. This caused a huge conflict within the country and started the Civil War.

At a young age, George Washington Carver would live through the end of the Civil War, the Assassination of President Abraham Lincoln, and the formation of the Ku Klux Klan (Pearson).

During his life, George Washington Carver would live
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In 1915, Alabama cotton farmers were left devastated after an infestation of boll weevils. The infestation of boll weevils impacted the cotton farmers profit because of the loss of cotton yield. George Washington Carver encouraged farmers to plant peanuts instead of cotton. He wrote an agricultural bulletin for the farmers including instructions on the practical uses of peanuts. He included in the bulletin recipes for peanut soup and peanut carrot fudge. The demand for his recipes was so much higher than excepted that he had to reprint the bulletin more than once. In 1918, peanut fields covered eight times as much territory, more than four million acres…show more content…
The most popular one was the cotton rug. The cotton rug is used in many households across America. Carver also used cotton products to create paper cordage. Paper cordage is use a cord like material made out of paper (Dixon).


The impact that George Washington Carver had on American Agriculture was huge. But George Washington Carver also made a huge impact on African Americans. Carver worked to educate African American students in science and agriculture. George Washington Carver decided to leave his teaching to help farmers be able to produce the best crops that they possible could.
George Washington Carver’s work with cotton, sweet potatoes, and peanuts made an impact. George Washington Carver encouraged farmers to plant peanuts instead of cotton because of the boll weevil. The peanuts could improve the soil structure and quality. Similar to the use of planting soybeans in a crop rotation with corn. With peanuts being a legume plant which means the they are able to fix nitrogen in the soil. Cotton plants take out nitrogen from the soil while peanuts put the nitrogen back into the
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