George Washington Carver's Motivation

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George Washington Carver Throughout our lives we have all wondered whether or not our actions have had any historical significance, or if we will go only leaving a small mark on the world. Looking back very few people have successfully attained this immortality. George Washington Carver did. With his love for plants and his kind heart, Carver accomplished much with the motivation given to him at a young age leaving a large mark on the world. Motivation There is always a driving force that motivates a person to do what they do. Carver went through many problems and survived against the odds and ended up doing great things. The author of “The Wizard of Tuskegee: Born Into Slavery, George Washington Carver Changed the Face of U.S. Agriculture,”…show more content…
This readied him for scientific breakthroughs and gave him the knowledge to teach others. With his great interest in plants and his college education, George Washington Carver was prepared to do what he wanted. Accomplishments Due to his motivation and his preparation George Washington Carver accomplished many things while he was alive. As reported by the biography, “George Washington Carver,” he was able to create 60 products from the pecan, 100 products from the sweet potato, and over 145 from peanuts (“George Washington Carver,”1998). After discovering new uses for these plants, Carver insisted that they become new cash crops to replace cotton. Because of his findings, Carver became a well renowned botanist, and people from around the world asked for his help. GEORGE WASHINGTON CARVER 4 Another notable accomplishment he did was his work in educating others. For example, “Carver brought Tuskegee to the countryside by creating the Agriculture Movable School, a wagon that traveled to local farms with exhibits and demonstrations” (“George Washington Carver,” 1993). He realized that many of the farmers in the country did not have the ability to access
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