George Washington Characteristics

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Name: Kabita Budhathoki Professor’s name: Dr. David M. Watry Class: U.S. History 1302-63502 Date: 03/07/2017 George Washington In the American history, George Washington was one of the famous names which will remain in every person’s mind. He was an American politician who served from 1789 to 1797 as the first President and known as the Founding Father of the United State. He was born on February 22, 1732, in Westmoreland Country, Virginia. He has more contribution to make the nation as the freedom country as well as he served as the Commander in chief of the Continental Army during the American Revolution. He was the leader who leads with his own effort and gets successful…show more content…
He was the person who shielded Boston and New York City, demonstrating American quality to the British Army. In 1781 he George Washington made the Cornwallis ' armed force surrender. He hearts dependably remained with his nation regardless of the amount he cherished his home and family. I trust that one of the best characteristics about George Washington and something that numerous Americans respect him for is the way that he could think quick on his feet, and remain quiet in intense circumstances. He was as a rule where he needed to do the situation and it was settling on a choice about the law, attempting to settle one of Jefferson and Hamilton 's contradictions, or ever making the decision to free his slaves. I imagine that this quality likewise included numerous and involve with his struggle, intelligence and braveness and as well as powerful. He develops the good thought and opinion toward the other people. Without the Present of George Washington, it is inarguable that the United State where we are living and surviving our life. For over 200 years, Washington has been acclaimed as indispensable to the success of
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