George Washington Farewell Analysis

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Chapter name: The Farewell Thesis: George Washington Retirement was polarizing, to some it was seen as an act against the nation in which he stood for while others viewed as his pledge to the beliefs in which the Unions had been founded upon. Summary of chapter one paragraph: George Washington was elected to presidency in 1789. However he was known to be the leader and the father of the country the second the revolution started. He released a letter stating his retirement from office in 1976. This letter is known as the Farewell Address and was published in the newspaper. John adams and Thomas Jefferson were begging to run against each other in the upcoming election. While in office Washington was known for several controversial decisions. He left America in Isolation staying out of any affairs with other european countries due to his fear that America was not ready or able to fight again…show more content…
I thought this was interesting as now in modern governmental policy the legislative government is much larger and the president has become more of a figure head for the county. Washington however was known for participating in several of he duties that now are spit up into several factions of political power. Washington believed that the US needed to begin going westward looking for wealth and land in order to supply the nation deficit and the influx of population. I though this was very interesting as I never though that as far back as Washington there was already an inch to explore and conquer the west. There was a need for new wealth and the west seemed to be the answer. Yet with the complication with the English and the French the west was a frontier they may had to be put off for the time
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