George Washington Founding Father

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The very fact that some of the Founding Fathers had a membership in the freemason fraternity is important to highlight, both when they became a part of the federal government and before the Constitution and its amendments were ratified. One of these very inspiring men was George Washington. As one of the Founding Fathers it is highly likely that George Washington greatly influenced the founding of the United States and the writing of the Constitution thus, otherwise, he would not be considered a Founding Father. He had both, a great military background and amazing leadership that aided him during the Revolutionary War and the creation of the United States. It is very likely that George Washington’s leadership origin can be traced back to the …show more content…

This occurred slightly before Washington became involved with the American Revolution War and the foundation of the United States. “After the war, Freemasonry remained important to Washington, as evidenced by its prominent role in his first presidential inauguration on April 30, 1789. In taking the oath of office, Washington used the Bible of the St. John's Masonic Lodge No. 1 of New York” (George Washington’s Mount Vernon Website and The History Website). As previously mentioned, “Masons believe that there is one God and that people employ many different ways to seek, and to express what they know of God. Masonry primarily uses the appellation, "Grand Architect of the Universe," and other non-sectarian titles, to address the Deity. In this way, persons of different faiths may join together in prayer, concentrating on God, rather than differences among themselves. Masonry believes in religious freedom and that the relationship between the individual and God is personal, private, and sacred” (The Masonic Service Association). George Washington and the other Founding Fathers clearly understood so when becoming a

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