George Washington French Revolution Analysis

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As time told us, for a change to occur, there were sacrifices and dedication to surpass hardship. The French Revolution was a time to rebel against the highest order, as well as, to bring down oppression. During this troubling time, George Washington famously expresses his opinion on what’s occurring in France. The events that occurred during the French Revolution were not the last straw for the citizens of France. You have to fight for what you believe and stand for until it has been one hundred percent resolved, sacrificing conditioned ideologies, and patience in order to fulfill that for change to occur. Washington’s opinion predicted France would not be done once they have thought that they had conquered, but, as we know now, they…show more content…
People under royal rule were conditioned to believe that the king and the nobility were chosen to become what they are. Thinking in rebellion probably was dangerous in even mentioning it, so, it was either difficult to find people that are brave enough to endure the consequences and all inspiring to the one who do want to stand up. Sacrifices had to be made in order to sustain your place in what is believed to be right. The rubble of the France population was included in this, but probably worried about the outcome because this predestined ideology has been implemented, instead, a divination occurred that they have to choose their own path no matter the risk that they are placed. So, this sacrifice in what was conditioned in their daily lives are morphing into obscurity because no one knows the…show more content…
However, it was not easy for everyone that was involved with all that occurred. The people that struggled and eventually succeed, for a short period of time, does have the right to consider themselves as the representatives of the French population that does not have any say in this. This revolution, and many other, demonstrated that blood and sweat is smeared all over instead of just seeing as a chapter in our history books. These were individuals who are determined to get their voice heard without any fear; just wants toleration and fairness for the people who have the authority, as human beings, to make their own
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