George Washington Hyperbole

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“History Has Its Eyes On You,” from the musical, “Hamilton.” Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, sung by Christopher Jackson, who plays George Washington. “I was younger than you are now, (Example 1, imagery and tone. This line sets the tone of the song, as well as providing a mental image of Washington as a young man, before he had experience, before he became the legend that history recognizes him as today.) When I was given my first command. I led my men straight into a massacre, (Example 2, imagery and inference. The strong wording of this line allows one to infer that Washington is still plagued with guilt from his past mistakes, as well a providing imagery towards the brutality of what happened and how this still effects him. This line could also be considered hyperbole, as he did not purposefully lead anyone into a known massacre, but the event seemingly did turn into one— so it would not be accurate to classify it as a hyperbole.) I witnessed their deaths firsthand. (Example 3, imagery. Again, the strong wording of this line provides even stronger imagery towards this man’s feelings, his regret and his guilt.) I made every mistake, (Example 4, hyperbole and inference. Though it was a series of mistakes, the event contained nowhere near every mistake that…show more content…
(Example 7, personification and tone. History is not a literal being with literal eyes, and even if it was, its eyes would not be placed physically upon oneself. This line, aside from the personification, also represents a change in the show’s tone. Leading up to this moment, the show has been about gearing towards freedom for the nation, and it is at this line that the truth of that goal is realized: They are building an entire future, building a country that will one day look back on them and judge the very actions they have made. This line is an acknowledgment of that shift in tone, of urgency, and the knowledge that the things they do now will affect the futures of
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