George Washington Influence

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George Washington is remembered as one of the most famous and influential presidents. Some have described him as a god from his leadership to his appearance. He was very prominent and influential in some of the most significant parts in shaping and building of the United States. Many of things he did have made our country the way it is today such as creating the cabinet to the United states president and creating the first copyright law. His ideas and actions are the reason the United States is the way it is today from what he has done in the past.
Unanimously elected twice as the first president, George Washington built a name for himself to be remembered forever. While in presidency he remembered it was important to assure power but not
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For all we know we might have been looking up to a king if it was not for him. This goes to show many of the things he did in the past and the things he did that shaped today that he did not know of or even knew would still be around has had a shape on the United States. These millstones in his time have been tremendous accomplishments in our time. This giving us Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for years to come. All from the foundation he set for us while he was president. While also keeping in mind he set a key example for the presidents of the United States to come in the future. Making sure that every move he made, speech he spoke would be perfect, and be a key example for the future. While also remembering that sometimes you had step out of your comfort zone to make sure that everyone was happy even though sometimes you think it is not right you have to keep the point of view of others in mind to have a healthy and happy government. Also keeping in mind that your military reflects your country and who you are as a president, knowing that he had to keep a powerful image he created one of the strongest military foundations in history making the United States military strong, dominant, intimidating, and smart. This showed how our country was lead by a true patriot, hero, and genius, George Washington, one of the greatest presidents of all of time in the United States
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