George Washington Influence On American Government

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Now that Colonies have united as one and officially broken from the British for the chance to be independent; now was the time to establish its own laws and regulation. For the first time, America was developing a government that would be the foundation to America’s government. The population was on a steadily increase with cities filling up with over 15,000 people. People were looking for a government, and future President George Washington had the perfect plan. George Washington was already trusted as a brilliant commander, leading his people by the strength of his character and not by politic. George was and still holds the record to be the only presidential nominee to be honored by unanimity. Mr. Washington started the first of cabinet with only…show more content…
Alexander Hamilton stepped up with a solution that not many favored but was approved of anyway. The first step was to start the first National Credit. His idea also included funded at par, which meant to have the Federal government pay off the debts, then to include a convincing case to for assumption. New taxes were set in place to help pay for debts like tariffs and excise of revenue. Once the first Bank of the United States was created by Congress in 1791, it opened up stock options for public purchased. The new government also had easily decline the request for backup during conflict of war to prevent siding with one country over the other. This was successfully done twice during President Washington’s two terms. As much as assisting the French during another war with the British would help pay back their debt to the French; it was the wise decision to respectfully decline to avoid any future issues with the Spaniards. Overall, the new American government went through many phases writing and setting laws and amending old ones to continue to build a strong economy as a
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