George Washington: One Of The Greatest Leaders In The World

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Throughout history, there have been many great leaders who successfully led their countries, organizations, or teams by using their own styles. Some of them worked for peace and justice, while others tried to improve social awareness. Most of them have affected their whole society with their own ideology. But of them all, I like George Washington most and he is my favorite leader. I believe that George Washington was one of the greatest leaders in the world because he successfully led his country and army and was highly respected by his followers when he was serving as commander-in-chief of the Continental Army and the first president of the U.S. A big reason behind his success and being respected is that he had ethical characteristics of leadership,…show more content…
According to this legend, one day George Washington’s father asked him whether he damaged his cherry tree, 6-year-old Washington said, “I cannot tell a lie, I did it with my little hatchet (Christopher 1987).” This legend not just shows his telling the truth but also his bravery to be honest despite of hazard. Therefore, Washington can be the best example for many leaders who want to develop their ethical leadership skills because he was very honest man. Finally, George Washington also had the fifth quality of ethical leadership characteristics which is about building community in which goals are considered for everyone. He was always consulting with his subordinates before making any final decision in order to find common goals which were appropriate for his own interests and followers’ needs. Furthermore, because Washington often brought his followers together and encouraged them to say their own purposes and demands, he succeeded in creating longer-lasting and more satisfying relationships between him and his subordinates. He was always paying full attention to community welfare and the culture because he preferred intentions of others to his own wills. As a result, his serving to common goals gained him appreciation in ethical leadership and
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