George Washington Qualities

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Part of being the president of the United States is to ensure the safety and well being of this country, which means that whoever it may be, must be confident, brave, and true. The United States has had many presidents that have met these expectations, but George Washington stands above them all. He was the quintessential leader. A key quality that can make or break a presidents career while in office is confidence. people follow the man with confidence, purpose, and a sense direction, not the man who demands attention but has no direction. Although, Washington was more of a man of purpose (rather than direction.) He was the man who realized that something needed to be done and he was going to find a way to get it done. "In July 1775 he took command of the continental army." This was a small, not so organized nation that was going to try and do all that they could to gain the independence that they felt they disserved. Like any movement or decision, there always has to be a leader, and who would…show more content…
President George Washington had to be brave in order to make the bold decisions that he had to make when facing one of the worlds largest, and well put together armies of the world. While the British army had men who have been trained to fight and win, the confederate army had nothing but farmers, blacksmiths, and maybe even some bakers. Not to mention, that some of these men that were being recruited to fight along side of Washington had never even held a gun before. Yet, he was able to see things that no one else could see, he knew that there was a way to win their freedom. He knew that it was going to take time, effort, and lots and lots of training. So he did it. It would take a lot of bravery and patience to take ordinary farmers and black smiths and turn them into soldiers and warriors. " He led the men who turned America from and English colony into a self-governing
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