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Founding Father of the United States February 22, 1732 – the date the first president of the United States was born. Augustine Washington’s first child with Mary Ball Washington, his second wife, he was born close to present-day Westmoreland County in Virginia. He lived on Pope’s Creek Estate where he received very little formal education as a kid except from tutors. George’s father died in 1743, leaving his brother Lawrence Washington to serve as George’s surrogate father. Lawrence married into the Fairfax family allowing George to become a wealthy Virginian planter. In 1747, he found a fond interest in western expansion, by Ohio Company, from a land-surveying mission with George Fairfax in the Shenandoah Valley. Lawrence died in 1752 leaving Washington to move into Mount Vernon, an estate, later on becoming a major in the Virginia militia at the age of twenty-one. In 1759 he married Martha Custis, later inheriting Mount Vernon and lived life as a wealthy planter. From 1759 to 1774, he served in the …show more content…

Washington launched another successful attack on January 3rd, 1777 at Princeton, New Jersey. As the war ended in 1783, Washington was renowned as the most famous man in America, returning home to Mount Vernon but soon thought the central government was not strong enough to keep the republic he worked so hard for. The Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia, 1787, which Washington was called to lead to create a better crafted Constitution to replace the Articles of Confederation. He supported the ratification of the Constitution but refused any active role in ratifying it, he proclaimed, “What will be the general opinion on, or the reception of it, is not for me to decide, nor shall I say anything for or against it. If it be good, I suppose it will work its way good. If bad, it will recoil on the farmers.”

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