George Washington Strength

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Out of the many presidents we 've had, the one that sticks out the most as strong is George Washington. Although Abraham Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson had some respectful feats, they are small in regard to George Washington 's accomplishments. George Washington went through many hardships and tough tests in his lifetime. He has shown his strength by responding to these tests with courage and leadership. George Washington 's first notable feat was being elected as general in the Revolutionary War. He motivated his men to keep pushing even when the times were tough, in the cold winters of Winter Forge. In these below freezing temperature where many men were dying he told them to keep on giving there all. He served as a great role model for these young soldiers. Through his smart military decisions, the United States of America won the…show more content…
The accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln like ending slavery was very important, nut not necessarily "strong." His actions changed America forever but they were acts of courage not strength. The actions of Washington however were physically and mentally strong. Nonetheless, Lincoln was a great president. Out of all the presidents we have seen, My favorite is George Washington. He is my favorite president because i believe he is the strongest. From his military decisions to presidential decisions. He is the strongest president in
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