George Washington: The Value Of Hard Work

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There are many definitions of success among the general public. To most people, it means having a good life, a good family, and lots of money. Although the definition might vary, all success involves one important element – hard work. The value and importance of hard work has been proven over and over again in numerous history and literature. In history, we learn about all kinds of famous and successful people. One such person is the first president of the United States – George Washington. We learn about the greatness our country on the basis of learning about the greatest people ever lived on American soil. George Washington’s actions and ideals set a perfect model of hard work to students nationwide. In class students learned about his numerous wondrous achievements on and off the battlefield. But his biggest achievement involved the Revolutionary War. He was chosen as the commander in chief of the American army fighting against the British. The British had much better manpower and brainpower. Washington did not back down. He took the position and began a job filled with pressure and hard work – planning the attacks, the defense, the backup, the currency allocations, and much more. It…show more content…
In one literature, the book “Things Fall Apart,” main character Okonkwo led to a life full of success of the typical definition – having a good life, a good family, and lots of money. Of course, some people might think that he was lucky and inherited all his wealth from him relatives. This is completely false, as shown in the book, for, he has no relatives besides his father, who was a common drunkard. Seeing the disgrace and harsh treatment his father received from the village, Okonkwo vowed to change the family impression. He started from scratch to build up his farm and grow yams (yam is the money crop in this African village). His hard work pays off and he becomes one of the most successful and respected man in his
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