George Washington's Achievements

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George Washington was a amazing man. He had lead this country to its freedom. Even after that he continued to serve the country by becoming the first president of the U.S. By In which he had set an example for the rest of the presidents to follow. George Washington was born on February 22 1732. He was the son of Augustine and his mother was Mary Ball Washington. He embarked in becoming a surveyor. In 1748 he was invited to go to a party in which at the party they would survey the land of Baron Fairfax. In the next year he was given the position of first public officer and new surveyor of newly created Culpepper co. . He had a older half-brother Lawrence Washington who had passed away in 1752. When he passed away in 1752. When he passed away…show more content…
He returned to his home in Mt. Vernon. In 1789 a new government had been made and washington was unanimously picked as the first president. During his first term Washington had decided he wanted to pick men from all areas to be in his cabinet. Two important men had picked where Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton. Jefferson was made the Secretary of State and Hamilton was made Secretary of Treasure. These two men had butted heads during their time in the cabinet. This had lead to Jefferson leaving the cabinet. Towards the end of his first term he was reelected as president. During this time he had noticed that the Republican party was becoming a mess. Towards the end of his second term the Republican Party and now the new Federalist. During this time Washington had tried to hold the party together but he was unable to. When the end of his second term came up they requested if he would like to server a third term but he politely declined. After giving his farewell address on Sept. 17, 1796 he had returned home to his estate at Mt. Vernon. Their he was later offered to re-become the General of the Continental Army when the French Revolution begun but he declined. He then rested at Mt. Vernon until 1799 when he died and was buried on the estate. In my opinion George Washington had a huge historical significance. He had not only helped America during the Revolutionary War. But also by leading America and setting a example for the leading presidents after him. He had impacted society then and now. Back then he had brought them together to beat Britain. Also by bringing the country together. His impact today his that he has set examples for all the presidents that have came after
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