George Washington's Disabilities And Dyslexia

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George Washington was the first president and leader of the continental army in the american revolution. He was born on February 22 1733 in Westmoreland County Virginia. He had learning disabilities and dyslexia. To manage these disabilities he controlled his eating and read repetitively. Throughout his life, George Washington showed that he possessed two important qualities that a national leader should have, courage and convictions. George Washington was the first president and had learning disabilities. George Washington was born in Virginia on February 22 1733 in Westmoreland County. Some of the ways George Washington managed his disabilities and dyslexia was controlling his diet. When he was 16 he left home to be a surveyor, his job was to map and inspect land. George made dozens of maps. When he was 20 his older brother died and George inherited his estate on Mt. Vernon. At the age of 22 he became a major in the military, the next year the colonel permitted him and was in command of all of the soldiers in Virginia. He made people wealthy and also inspired people.…show more content…
He died on 12/14/1799 16 years after surviving the militia. George had 4 battles the sieges of yorktown, and boston, and the two campaigns of philadelphia and new jersey. Georges ranks are the major general and the commander in chief. George helped support the colonies by paying men to fight with them. People started to like george now that he was becoming the first president of the united states ever. After presidency george resigned to the army and his office which nobody has done before. Many people said that george was one of the best presidents in the
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