George Washington's Farewell Address Analysis

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From his inauguration to his Farewell Address, George Washington has influenced the nation through his actions in many ways. These actions would continue to influence the United States for hundreds of years. Being the first president of the new nation, he set many standards for president. George Washington set these standards, or precedents, for the future presidents of the United States through his actions as president.
Before even stepping into office, Washington’s actions were being watched carefully. After his victory in the election, he rode a coach through celebrating crowds to New York. The celebrating crowds contributed to the fact that his welcome represented one a king would have. This was not a good start of his presidency as he was a president trying to distance himself from associations with a king. During his inauguration, he took an oath in which he vowed to uphold the Constitution during his presidency. He also gave a short inaugural speech to the members of Congress. These actions at just the beginning of his presidency, set standards for the
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Washington set up his own presidential cabinet at the start of his first term. He appointed four men, who were balanced evenly by political party. Edmund Randolph was from Virginia and was chosen as the attorney general. Thomas Jefferson, who served in the Virginia House of Burgesses with Washington, was chosen as secretary of state. Henry Knox, a war hero from Massachusetts, was chosen as secretary of war. Alexander Hamilton was appointed to be the secretary of treasury. These men were all chosen from different states so that many points of views would be represented. Washington made clear that cabinet members were only supposed to advice, not to make decisions or question him. Throughout his presidency, Washington counted on his cabinet to gather information and make
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