George Washington's Role In American History

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George Washington was possibly one of the most prominent leaders in American history. He is best known as our country’s founding father, having contributed so much of his life to it. He played a significant part in shaping our government into what it is today. Without him, our country may not be have ended up the same. The topics discussed in this essay will be his early life, his part in the Revolutionary War and early American government, and my perspective on Washington. George Washington’s early life is quite captivating. He was born on February 22nd, 1732, in Pope’s Creek, Virginia to Augustine and Mary Washington. At the young age of eleven, his father passed away. As a teenager, Washington excelled at math, which allowed him to become a surveyor at age sixteen. Washington’s first and only trip out of America with his brother…show more content…
Though his physician, Dr. James Craik, watched him closely through his two days of illness, Washington’s condition worsened, eventually overtaking him in the late evening of December 14th, 1799. The bacterial infection was the only known cause of his death. One momentous effect in the aftermath of Washington’s death was his provision of the release of his slaves after the death of his wife. His estate paid for the well-being of the slaves for decades after his passing. In the end, over 123 slaves owned by Washington were freed. He was the only slave-owning president to do so. George Washington was a paramount leader in our early government. Without him, I truly believe our government wouldn’t be what is today. He was a brave fighter that stood for what he believed in. He did not desert his country, and held strong as his country experienced great victories and unfavorable hardships. The role he played in forming our country’s military alone was a substantial triumph in
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