George Washington's Legacy

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On February 22, 1732, a legend would be born. George Washington, the face of the dollar bill, was ironically a man who proved his worth. Even when he wasn’t President, Washington always had been dedicated to his country. He is a true inspiration, only allowing illness to stop his numerous achievements; December 14, 1799, marked his death. Despite this, Washington’s legacy never died. For it was Washington who nurtured the country, just like the crops on his plantation. The early years of Washington are a mystery. However, many stories are told about his honesty, strength, and diligence even in George’s youth. Washington’s father, Augustine, was a successful planter and court justice. After his father’s death, 11 year old George helped his step-mother manage their estate. This made it more difficult for George to extend his education. This…show more content…
After helping earn their independence, at age 51, he decided to return to Mount Vernon. In 1787, George was once again needed for his country, and was unanimously elected President of America. Although he was reluctant to accept the position, he didn’t think he was fit for the job. Washington exceled in leading the country, with “fairness and integrity” (mount Vernon web). Washington was convinced to have a second term, which was even better than the last. Finally, in 1797, he decided to retire for one last time. Once again, he tended to Mount Vernon’s success; until the day of his death. George passed of a “painful but brief illness” (authors 41) in the place he loved most, Mount Vernon. To generalize, Washington was an icon. Adored by his people, George never abused his power. A brave hero and wise president, Washington contributed to America’s growth his whole lifetime. He set the standard for all future Presidents of America to come. So for the end of time, Washington will always be in our hearts (and
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