George Washington's Presidency Summary

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In 1797 George Washington second term as president was over. He was retiring. As he was retiring he had someone (most likely Alexander Hamilton) wrote his farewell address. In it was lots of things like things for America to avoid. For example foreign affairs and political parties. As many say Washington set a precedent for all of the other presidents from the second president (Adams) to the 45th president (Trump). This paper is basically a summary of how the next 4 presidents measured up. After Washington retired John Adams was elected for the second presidency. Adams had a pretty hard time trying to measure up to Washington. He had a lot of things going on in his presidency. One of the biggest ones was the XYZ affair. During the XYZ Affair…show more content…
He was the first Democratic-Republican president because of this he had a lot of things he wanted to change about the country. First of all he thought the government was too big. He wanted a small agricultural country with a small government. He also tried to get rid of Hamilton's National bank. He believed that the constitution had to be closely followed, this would prove to be a problem later. In 1803 Jefferson got an amazing deal. France would sell them the whole Louisiana territory for $15 million or 4 cents an acre. The problem was that there was nothing saying that he could buy land in the constitution. Jefferson knew that it would be hypocritical to buy it, but it was just too good of a deal. Jefferson bought it and of course the presses went wild but nobody cared. Jefferson just doubled the size of our country! He then decided to send out the Corps of Discovery under the leadership of Lewis and Clark. The Corps of Discovery returned in 1806. During the last three years of his presidency he dealt with minor things like the Barbary skirmishes. After his second term he…show more content…
During this time it was called the “Era of Good Feelings” turns out that one year later the good feelings were over, as the country went into economic mayhem. Luckily Monroe got the country back together and we were out of our mini-depression. In 1819 European countries were trying to get in on American land so Monroe gave his famous speech, the Monroe Doctrine. It said that if Europeans stayed in their hemisphere we would stay in ours. In 1821 Monroe was faced with a problem, Missouri was ready for statehood. Many would think that would be an excuse for nationwide celebration but it wasn't, In the early 1800s if there was a new state it would either have to be a slave state or a free state but the two kinds of states had to be equal (there had to be the same number of each). Missouri would have been the 23rd state and a slave state. That made the people in the north mad,so Congress held a meeting and voted. They came to a compromise. If Missouri became a slave state Maine would be a free state and no slave states could be above 36/30 north. In 1825 his terms were up and he stopped being
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