George Washinton The Father Of Our Nation Analysis

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Imagine the start of our nation, with the the greats, our first presients. You know, like the ones on our money that we see almost every day. I'm talking about Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson. They all did amazing things to help birth as well as parent this amazing country, but who was the best? In my opinion the one who never told a lie was the greatest leader our nation had.

Im talking about George Washinton and afterall he was nicknamed the "Father of our Nation," so who knows what we would be without him. Had love from so many people, even now he is remembered highly withrespect and gratitude for the things he did for America. Remeberance of his wooden teeth and slogans are still used to this day. He was not
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Presidents like Lincoln brought freedom to the African American slaves with the Emancipation Proclamation and the following 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments diving them the rights they deserved. Another great one was Thomas Jefferson as he wrote the constitution, with the help of Washington and the Continental Congress behind him helping and launching historic events like the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Most people forget they came after Washington though, he kept this nation alive in times of need and the others live of off his legacy, because who knows we might not be here if Washinton wasn't here to lead and save us at the start. Lincold did free the slaves but still unfair treatment followed and the expediton launched by Washinton could have been done by anyone. Washington had a lot on his plate saving our butts anyways.

He was a veteran, a president, and not to mention a tall and wealthy business man who just wanted to help his country. He was a great and in my opinion, the geatest of the greats. He was the best leader and no doubt deserves to be on our currency and a lot more for what he has done. He never told a lie, and I will never tell a lie in saying that he is number one in my
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