George Watsky Bullet Analysis

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Often, songs that sound really happy and giddy, have slightly darker meanings. For example, “Roses” by George Watsky sounds really upbeat and all, but the meaning is much darker when you actually listen to the lyrics. The song has about five stanzas and is four minutes and nine seconds long. The speaker can be determined as either Watsky himself or just someone having to make a tough decision. The mood of the song is believed to be hopeful or sad because of the deeper meaning behind it. Another falsely upbeat song is “Bullet” by Hollywood Undead. “Bullet” is a very peppy sounding song, but the lyrics are hinting, and occasionally flat out stating, that the speaker is contemplating suicide. Although “Roses” isn’t near as dark, it still has a few twists in it. Everybody has a fallout with a friend or someone they know. Sometimes, although there is no feud between two people, they will drift apart. Two friends may not want to part ways, but it is better for both of them. Whether it is better academically, emotionally, career wise, or even physically, it will help all parties involved. For example, during class the teacher usually will give time to work on assignments. If one choses to sit by their best friend, whom they know will distract them from their work, then they must…show more content…
This means that he is stopping to take opportunities that he has been given. The roses, in this case, are referring to the opportunities and such that he has been given. When he says he has some roses to smell, he means that he will take advantage of said opportunities instead of wasting time by messing around. Because he has stopped to “smell the roses,” he is now much better off. In “Roses” my favorite line is, “I will chase my goals, yeah, to make me whole”. This is my favorite line because Watsky literally states that if he goes after his goals and dreams, he will be fine and become

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