George Wickham Character Analysis

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Marriage is a crucial stage in a person’s life, but it played an even bigger role in Austen’s’ time, especially for women. Wickham is a disliked character in the novel because of the way he takes advantage of a situation. Charlotte is an obedient wife who does not miss a marriage proposal. Elizabeth on the other hand, does not mind taking her time to find a husband. Therefore, she would be considered the most independent character in the story. Austen is occupied trying to cover the different aspects of marriage.
Austen presents her audience with different outlooks on marriage by introducing George Wickham to the novel. Wickham is not the type of man that is suitable as a husband due to his pompous nature. As the story continues to unfold Wickham’s
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Austen uses her to portray the type of marriages that have a very obedient wife that does not marry for love. She shows us this by making Charlotte marry Mr. Collins. Charlotte is a pessimistic woman who does not believe she will find another husband. She does not risk denying Collins proposal. In her perspective Collins is an acceptable spouse for her.
"I see what you are feeling," replied Charlotte. "You must be surprised, very much surprised—so lately as Mr. Collins was wishing to marry you. But when you have had time to think it over, I hope you will be satisfied with what I have done. I am not romantic, you know; I never was. I ask only a comfortable home; and considering Mr. Collins 's character, connection, and situation in life, I am convinced that my chance of happiness with him is as fair as most people can boast on entering the marriage state." (Austen 122) Charlotte sees Mr. Collins as a financial supporter and that he can provide her a house where she can stay secure in. Charlotte did really care about her marriage life, but because she is becoming old, her attractiveness to men towards her is decreasing and her patience in waiting for a man to show up collapsed. That’s why she decided to marry Collins, because she knew no one would ask her other than
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