Incident Case Study Myrtle Wilson

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CASE FILE VICTIM: MYRTLE WILSON TIME: 22:00 P.M. DATE: Aug.26.1922 SITE: GEORGE WILSON’S AUTOSHOP, VALLEY OF ASHES An incident took place last night at about 10.00 pm in front of George Wilson’s auto shop in which Myrtle Wilson, his wife, was killed by a speeding car racing down the road as she tried to cross to the other side. the car was bright yellow, and the driver ended up speeding away after hitting her, according to eye witnesses. A questioning session took place with witness George Wilson the night the accident took place to get a better picture of the misfortunate events. This interview illustrates what took place after Mr. Wilson has settled down and was emotionally capable of giving his testimony. Q.1 begin by introducing yourself and state your relation to the victim please. A.1 George Wilson’s the name and this woman dead before your eyes is my jewel of a wife, Myrtle. I married Myrtle when I was 20 and we’ve been…show more content…
I tried to get my revenge on him. After all he killed my dear wife! Boy I was wrong, turns out Tom had just retuned back from the city. He told me everything. He was not behind the wheels of that damned car. But he knew who was drivin it. That rotten Jay Gatsby. Gatsby borrowed that clown car that afternoon. Tom said he knew Gatsby well. He said that Gatsby had been sneakin’ all around town and having affairs with god knows how many women all over the place, and my beautiful Myrtle was probably just one of his picks. I swore things won’t end well for that son of a…. Everything is crystal clear now, “God sees everything,” (8.102-105) I swear thing will not end well for this fool. I will get my doll’s revenge, even if it is the last thing I do before I die. Excuse me officer, but I have no further
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