George Zimmerman's Case

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by a white male of Hispanic descent named George Zimmerman. Zimmerman was acting as a Watch Captain for a gated community in Sanford, Florida (BROWN JR., O., 2013). At first, the Sanford Police Chief, Bill Lee, did not arrest Zimmerman, because of the lack of evidence to disprove his account of the events resulting in Trayvon 's death. However, because of nationwide protests and a reinvestigation of the death’s evidence, Zimmerman was eventually arrested and charged for the death of Trayvon. On July 13, 2013, a jury consisting of six women acquitted Zimmerman of the charge of second degree murder for the lesser charge of manslaughter (CNN, 2013). Although Zimmerman was not a police but proceeded with the stop-and-frisk, he still is accountable
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