Georges Danton And The Reign Of Terror

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Georges Danton was played beautifully by Gerard Depardieu in the 1983 film, Danton, adapted by Andrzej Wajda. A hero was shining and the Reign of Terror was coming to an end in year two of the French Republic. However, the setting was out of whack and events were skewed which took away from the authenticity of the film. While historically, the time between 1793-1794 ended with the deaths of hundred of thousands, the film neglects to show this as the terror was in full effect. It was a little out of it’s time in regards to the fashion and led to an iffy portrayal of the french people. I believe the events were a hyperbole of what was really occurring. On the other hand, the secret police and committee of public safety (CPS) were accurately captured and the acting - phenomenal - led to a great viewing experience.…show more content…
The Mountain and the Jacobins of the National Convention, enforced restrictions to favor the state’s security. Doing so, many objected the harshness to which they implied and called for an end of the terror taking place. This led to many executions between September 1793 to July 1794. Statistically, there was suspected to be about a third of a million imprisoned, around 17,000-20,000 people judged and executed, and the civil war took hundred of thousands of live in the Vendee region (a fourth of the population). In Wajda’s neglection to show the prisons and executions other than that of Danton, the film lost me in some respect. It was a key component to understand the numbers involved during this time

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