George's Influence On My Life Essay

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George often said that being in the Navy for three years helped greatly influence and shape his view and way of life. “There is no question that having been involved in combat has affected my way of looking at problems. The overall experience was the most maturing in my life. Even now, I look back and think about the dramatic ways in which the three years in the Navy shaped my life … the friendships, the common purpose, my first experience with seeing friends die …There’s no question that it broadened my horizons. And there’s no question that today it has a real impact on me as I give advice to the President.” Due to George’s evident bravery, he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross Award, which was an award for heroism or distinguished…show more content…
He soon began working to achieve a successful life with no intent on becoming the 41st President of the United States. He then moved to Texas and entered the Oil Business as a sales clerk for Dresser Industries. In 1950, he was able to raise enough money to create his own business with John Overby forming the Bush-Overby Oil Development Company. Then in 1953, George and John joined with two brothers, William and Hugh Liedtke to develop Zapata Petroleum Company. He became the President of the Zapata Offshore Company, which developed offshore drilling equipment. Around the same time that he was trying to rise in the industry world, tragedy hit. George and his wife, Barbara received the worst news any parent would ever want to hear, their 3yr old daughter, Robin had leukemia. Robin died in 1953, her death caused Barbara to fall into depression and George to become distant, hide his feelings and cause a little damage to their marriage. George then decided to move his family to Houston, where he was able to initially become involved in Politics. In 1963, he became the Chairman of the Harris County Republican Party, being able to gain connections with Republican Party members that later helped him in his career. In 1964, George decided to run for the United States Senate in Texas. He did not win, he faced trouble because he was

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