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Georges-Pierre Seurat is a French artist. He was born on the 2nd of December, 1859 and died on the 29th of March, 1891. Seurat is considered to belong to the post-impressionism movement. People see him, like many of the great, well-known artists, as a combination of several traits and their opposites. He has a very high fine sensibility and at the same time high logical abstraction. Seurat is known for his innovative use of different painting media and techniques. He is the founder of pointillism.
It is a technique of painting that depends on using small, distinct dots of color in patterns to compose an image. The human eye combines the separate dots together to form the color optically, while the color is not physically shown.
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This high large-scale work is one of the icons of the 19th century paintings. Seurat was only 26 years old when he finished this piece.
The medium of this painting is oil on canvas, with a size of 207.5 × 308.1 cm, it’s not just George Seurat’s most popular piece, it is also the biggest. It’s located now at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Seurat started working on this beautiful piece in the summer of 1884. It represents people from different social levels or classes, each of them doing a different activity in the park. Seurat spent two years working on this big painting, he used to spend most of these years in the park working on this painting.
For the people of Paris, Sunday is their weekend on which they resort to green, open areas to refresh their souls and recharge their energies for the coming week in front of lakes with the soft air in parks. This applies to all social levels. You can see on the right a well-dressed couple holding hands while watching this fascinating scene. The man has a coat and an expensive cigarette, while the woman has an umbrella. In front of them a man lying on the grass and he

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