Georgia Expansion

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The Expansion of Georgia came with many conflicts such as the treaty of New York that was established in 1790 and caused the creeks to move west of the Okeene River. There was also the Yazoo land fraud that started in 1795 and caused Georgia to give up all of the land involved in the fraud to Georgia. Indian removal caused a decrease in population within Georgia but made Georgia to gain more land. Events that accrued during that time affected Georgia economy, social growth and population. Abraham Baldwin wrote the first charter for the University of Georgia. In 1784 the General Assembly had set aside 40000 acres of land to provide a college or institute of learning. At the first meeting of the board of trustees, held in Augusta on February…show more content…
Anglican, Quakers, Baptists, and Methodists circuit riders founded churches in the frontier regions. There were times when these ministers could only have one service a month. Circuit riders benefited bringing in churches and population and helping people about the lord. Circuit riders also helped spread the word because they were always moving around. Georgia land policies created westward expansion. For example, the head write system was created to attract settlers by giving away free land. It was called the head write system because every head of household had a right to land. The head right was obtained by being a white man and have made a declaration of his honesty and integrity and paid a small filling fee. In 1782 200 acres of land was entitled to each head of a family. Some acres of land where given to each family member, including slaves. Each household had a limit to 1000 acres. The head right system expanded Georgia and increased its population because it was giving away free land. The Yazoo land fraud was the worst land fraud to occur in Georgia. So much nonexistent land was sold it made up two states, Alabama and Mississippi. In 1795 speculators formed companies to buy large pieces of land in Western Georgia
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