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Georgia O 'Keeffe was a spectacular painter in the American Modernist Painting Movement who painted many scenes in nature and many landscapes of cities in New York and deserts in New Mexico. Although she did not consider herself as a part of any movement, she was part of The American Modernist Painting movement. She loved nature so she chose to paint different varieties of flowers. O’Keeffe is especially remembered for her paintings of flowers and bones. She was unique in the way she painted, and her paintings of nature continue to inspire people all around the world. Her pieces were magnificent because of their unique views on things. Georgia was born on November 15, 1886 and she grew up on a farm near Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. The nature on the farm that she lived on inspired most of her paintings (Mattern 10). Her family did not have much of an impact on her artwork, but her time on the farm and in nature definitely did. At a young age of five, Georgia started practicing art. O’Keeffe studied at the Art Institute of Chicago from 1905-1906 and then at the Art Students League in New York (“About Georgia O’Keeffe). Her first art show was presented by Alfred Stieglitz, and they eventually got married in 1924 (SparkNotes). After her husband…show more content…
If a viewer were to examine Red Hills with Flowers, their eyes would immediately go to the flowers. Georgia O’Keeffe made the flowers with warm and vibrant colors so that they would stand out. Her strokes were small and made with oil on a canvas. The pink sky in the background symbolized peace and calmness. If a viewer were to really connect with the colors of the painting, they would feel like they were in a warm place watching the sunset over the mountains. The lighting in Red Hills with Flowers is dim because dawn was approaching. One might feel like they could not walk or reach into this painting because they would not feel like it had the right space to do so. The lines are curved to shape the mountains and the center of the

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