Georgia Tech Personal Statement

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I found that like many colleges, Georgia Tech seems to value cultural diversity, the plethora of student diversity programs proves this. Due to my family 's involvement in the military, I have been exposed to a vast multitude of cultures and ideologies. Although the constant moving and adapting to new surroundings may be arduous, I found the teachings instilled by foreign communities invaluable. Such cultivated reapings include a honed sense adaptability, understandability, and respect. With a Japanese mother and German father, I seem to fit into the common depiction of the United States as a “Melting pot of cultures”. Through multiple visual tours and hours of research, I deduced that Georgia Tech possess a certain uniqueness that other technological institutes lack, that being a great graduation rate of underrepresented minorities and research leadership. In terms of cultural diversity, I truly believe that I may add to the cultural diversity ingrained in Georgia Tech by joining the 4% multiracial students, and sharing the same positive ideologies that I am fortunate enough to retain. During my sophomore year of high school, I began to engage myself in the community. My local mission sparked my interest in the locale. The mission asked for volunteers to sort the warehouse and give food to those in need.…show more content…
During my time with the club I often met with Kiwanis (A organization of volunteers), soon I learned that Kiwanis created The Key club to give high school students an opportunity to serve their community. I also uncovered that The Georgia Institute of Technology also enjoys a Kiwanis club. In terms of service I believe that through community service, I may make a positive contribution to Georgia Tech upon arrival. I am very excited to join Kiwanis in college. I have always served locally, but I am exuberant to assist broader
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