Georgiana's Unhealthy Relationship In The Birthmark By Nathaniel Hawthorne

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In the short story “The Birthmark”, Nathaniel Hawthorne writes about a scientist, his wife, and the unhealthy relationship they share. The story follows Aylmer, a scientist, who is determined to remove his wife Georgiana’s birthmark. One aspect of their unhealthy relationship is Georgiana’s sole dependance on Aylmer. Furthermore, Aylmer does not view Georgiana as his equal. Not only this, but Aylmer frequently belittles her, continuously pointing out her flaws, which drives her to do something dangerous. Georgiana’s dependance on Aylmer, the inequality of the relationship and Aylmer’s disregard for her feelings, are the main ingredients of Aylmer and Georgiana’s unhealthy relationship. Georgiana’s dependance on Aylmer contributes to their unhealthy relationship. When Aylmer and Georgiana got married, Georgiana was taken from her mother's house, forcing her to live an isolated life with Aylmer. Georgiana says, “Then why did you take me from my mother’s side? You can not love what shocks you!” This quote explains that Georgiana is much younger than Aylmer, and suggests that she was taken from her mother's house in order for them to wed. When women are young they often seek comfort and advice from their families, a luxury that Georgiana does not enjoy. Due to the fact that she is stuck in Aylmer's house, where only his opinion is given…show more content…
When Aylmer and Georgiana got married, Georgiana was taken from her mothers home, making her complete dependent on Aylmer and his opinions. In addition to this, Aylmer’s belief hat he is better than God, and has the ability to remove Georgiana’s birthmark, creates inequality in their relationship. Finally, due to Georgiana’s obsession with what Aylmer thinks of her, paired with Aylmer's rude looks and comments, leads her to do something
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