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Usually, a hero is considered to be someone who is incredibly famous, or someone that has saved the life of at least one person. In my case, my hero is someone pretty "normal", someone that is not famous and has not made any heroic acts known by people around the globe; my hero is my mom, Georgina Amabizca. I consider her as my hero because of the great admiration I feel towards her, and also, for the way she inspires me to try to be a better version of myself every single day. Her personality is simply amazing, she always remains positive and persevering no matter what the conditions are, and you can easily tell that by looking at the amount of obstacles she has surmounted since she was just a child. My mother was raised in a small town…show more content…
She was born in a family of low economic resources. They lacked economic resources so much that she had to be raised by her grandmother, because her family could not afford raising 7 children. As a child, her life was the typical life of a youngster, with the small difference that she had to do a little bit of work to help out her grandmother. My mom had to sell in the streets fruits, vegetables, and other things that her grandmother harvested. When she was barely 15, she had to take a decision that would impact her life greatly: move by herself to a bigger town. After she moved, life became harder for her. Since her family lacked economic resources, they were not able to help her economically, therefore, my mom had to work to pay for everything she used or consumed: food, gas, water, electricity, rent, clothes: and also, she had to go to school. As time passed, her character, positivity, and perseverance never bent, and her hard work paid off, and she earned a position as manager in a local…show more content…
Her past experiences demonstrates me that you cannot let yourself down no matter how harsh the conditions are. The way she has overcome the obstacles life has set for her, make me realize that the only limits you have are the ones you set to yourself. And even now, my mom is still demonstrating to me that her character and perseverance are

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