The Importance Of Place Semiotic

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Place Semiotic

Semiotics or the study of signs and symbols are frequently consulted as the fundamental theory underlying LL research. Several researchers have noted that it is important to look beyond the linguistic material with regards to its spatial organization such as its symbols because they constitute meaning other than themselves (Akindele, 2012; Burdick, 2012; Gorter, 2006).

Given that language territories are hardly homogenous or coherent in the LL, analyzing through its symbols could provide information about the sociolinguistic composition of the linguistic groups in the given territory (Landry & Bourhis, 1997). Meaning making and emplacement of signs, then, has been an important area of inquiry in the study of LL especially in multilingual settings because diversity is frequent in places where different linguistic groups co-exist.
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5), the concept of geosemiotics or ‘’how language and signs make meaning in relation to where and when they are physically placed in the world’’ was systematically explored. It was noted that geosemiotics is primarily focused on indexicality, which means signs depend on their context or environment to form meaning. In their thorough discussion, they have identified four broad systems of social semiotics namely the interactional order, visual semiotics, place semiotics, and systems of text (Huebner,

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