Disadvantages Of Geothermal Energy

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Introduction: The world population is increasing from time to time which leads to growing demand of energy. A broad portfolio of energy resources and technologies is required in order to enhance and ultimately replaced the non-renewable energy. The world consist of huge energy resources that are not equally distributed. Improvements in the efficiency of energy use, considerable reductions in the amount of wasted energy as well as the stabilizations of population and energy used per capita. Africa, East Asia and South Asia are the areas that need more energy consecutively to improve the living standard and to stabilize the population at these areas. Renewable energy is quite useful in many ways. For example, renewable energy can decrease the financial costs that are needed for the energy. Furthermore, this energy can actually create more jobs especially for those who are unemployed because renewable energy tends to be more…show more content…
If the fossil fuels would start depleting, this geothermal energy will be one of the cheapest source of power generation. The advantages of using geothermal energy is that is significantly cost saving. Geothermal energy involves low running costs since it saves 80% costs over fossil fuels and no fuel is used to generate the power. Since no fuel is require so costs for purchasing, transporting and cleaning up plants is quite low. Furthermore, geothermal energy does not create any pollution which contributes to a clean environment. The gases that was released is not that harmful. There are also impacts that might contributes to the implications of geothermal energy. The construction of the geothermal power plants can influence the stability of the land and may lead to the subsidence. Earthquakes can also occur due tt he hydraulic fracturing, which is the intrinsic part of developing enhanced geothermal system power

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