Gerald Ford Informative Speech

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Did you know that we have forty-four presidents? That is a lot of presidents over the past hundreds of years. We have many great presidents that have served their time in office. But what makes a president great? Some people might say that a great president has to take blame for what he did wrong and be able to stand up for his country. Others would say that a president would have to have some smarts, care about his people, and does well under pressure when he gets asked about his country. One of those great presidents was President Gerald R Ford. Today we will take a journey on President Ford’s life from beginning to end. First, we will take a look at his early life, such as his family and education. Then, we will take a look into his life…show more content…
First, according to, he was born in Omaha, Nebraska. His mother, Dorothy gave birth to Gerald Rudolph Ford Jr. on July 14, 1913. Secondly, President Ford's birth name was Leslie Lynch King Jr., named after his biblical father. His childhood that he could remember was very frustrating for President Ford. After his mother and father got an divorce he moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan with his mother. His mother then married Gerald Ford changing Leslie’s name to Gerald R Ford Jr. At the age of twelve he remembered his biblical father and finally got to meet him a couple of times. Thirdly, he had many siblings through his two fathers. His brothers were Thomas Gardner Ford, James Francis Ford, Richard Addison Ford, and Leslie Henry King. His two sisters were Patricia Jane King and Marjorie King. Even though he had a rough childhood and a very memorable one, he worked everything out and did very well when he was young because of what he went through (2). President Ford got many scholarships. First, according to President Ford earned a degree in economics in 1935. Secondly, he got a athletic scholarship for University of Michigan. President Ford was a High School football star in the Grand Rapids. Thirdly, Ford entered the World War II in 1939-1945. President Ford enlisted in the US Navy and served aboard an aircraft carrier. Lastly, after he got out of the War, he then married Elizabeth Betty Bloomer…show more content…
Firstly, President Ford had an unexpected presidency. President Ford was the first unelected President and Vice President. Secondly, Ford became president in the unfashionable way. Ford became Vice president after President Nixon’s impeachment. President Ford became our president after the Vice president Spiro T Agnew resigned from office. Thirdly, President Ford was our thirty-eighth president that was a republican. He took office on August 9, 1974. His term ended on January 20, 1977. President Ford did not serve a full term and he got beat in the re election after Jimmy Carter beat him. Fourthly, President Ford passed the Equal Rights Act. He faced gay rights as a serious problem. Lastly, President Ford almost got assassinated. He survived two assassinations over the period of three years while he was in office. The two people that tried to assassinate him were women (1,5-10). Overall, President Ford was a great leader and president of our nation. President Ford was a republican while he was our thirty-eighth president. President Ford stood up for equality by passing the Equal Rights Act. He also stood up for gay rights for other people. He assumed leadership of a nation whose domestic economy and international prestige. President Ford went to church every week and his religion was Episcopalian. In the end, President Gerald R. Ford was an amazing
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