Gerald Gault Case Brief

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Gerald Gault is a 15-year-old that was taken into custody for prank phone calls to Mrs. Cook that was sexually inappropriate. In addition, when authorities arrived at Gault residents no legal guardian was present to be informing of Gault arrest, no message was left either to inform the guardians of the situation. Furthermore, Gault claims he only dialed the Mrs. Cooks telephone number and his friend did the inappropriate remarks, but then confess to have said a little bit in the prank call. In Gault hearing the judge proclaim Gault a juvenile delinquent until the age of 21- years –old. Basis of Appeal Gault is claiming for an appeal due to his 14th amendment right being violated of improper due process. In addition, Gault was not given proper notice of hearing and was not given proper representation. Also, Gault was not given the chance to face his accuser for the judge states that Mrs. Cook did not need to be present because she already spoke with the authorities. In conclusion, Gault ‘s conviction should be reversed based on improper due process that violates the 14th amendment.…show more content…
The Supreme Court found that Gault was violated of his14th amendment right for proper due process. The Juvenile court also failed in giving proper notice of charges, representation, and privilege against
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