Gerald Graff Hidden Intellectualism

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Intellectualism is the factor of being intellect or intelligent. The idea of what it means to be educated can be interpreted many different ways by different people. Some think it’s having a 4.0 and going to Harvard, while others believe in the idea of having common sense. In the essay, “Hidden Intellectualism,” Gerald Graff reflects how lack of education is viewed negatively in society. On top of that, a question also lies what it means to educated. In order to be truly educated, a person should be well rounded not in just tests of intelligence, but the tests of life as well. This poses the question would you rather be completely educated in one subject and be unable to answer basic questions, or have a general knowledge of the world and understanding of how to function in society. Too often we correlate having a high IQ and a high grade point average with the education level, but in reality is any of that helpful if you can’t put gas in your car. “We associate the educated life, the life of the mind, too narrowly and exclusively with subjects and texts that we consider inherently weighty and academic” (Graff 244). Graff explains that in the educated lifestyle our minds stay inside this neat little box, which some may consider to be extremely important. This also supports the idea of how being a well-rounded person can get you a wide variety of opportunities and advances in things such as your: extracurriculars, schooling, and careers. The future of our kids relies in
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