Gerald Graff: Street Smart And The Education System

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Gerald Graff, a professor of English and education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, is analyzing the differences between those who are called street smart and the education system. With Graff’s level of education, the essay is composed using grammatical elements to point out the different positions of individuals. The essay’s organization captures the reader’s attention and focused on the points of view Graff is describing. In “Hidden Intellectualism”, Graff is disappointed in how the education system base who is at an academic level of “smart” using their system’s standards or policies, blinding them in not seeing the true potential behind each individual student. In the essay, Graff explains how “street smart” is not valued and are not given the opportunity to demonstrate that they are worthy of given the opportunity of education. Graff explains that students take on intellectual identifies if having the freedom in choosing a subject that interested them. Graff himself grew hating books and was into sports magazine. He…show more content…
After experiencing himself being in the anti-intellectualism for loving sports magazine and not school books, for sure he knows that this did not make his “street smart. His argument successfully started with what others had to say about “street smart” and was followed up with his point of view. After having read this essay, I can truly agree with Graff that individuals may in effect have hidden intellectualism in them. Given the opportunity by education to demonstrate their abilities in literature in subjects that interested them will put them in a high academic level of education. The layout of the essay is professionally written, Graff took his professionalism and education experience to effectively write this debate and successfully point out what others point of view was and how he successfully he contradicted the others point of
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