Gerald Graff's Essay 'Hidden Intelligence'

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Intelligence comes in a wide variety; it’s not only measured by one’s knowledge of books and performance in the classroom, but when it comes to measuring the intelligence of an individual you will always have controversial responses. Academic Intelligence is clearly not seen through Gerald Graff and Mark Rose’s essays. In Gerald Graff’s work entitled, “Hidden Intelligence”, he covers the points on his personal opinion on how intelligence is not found in people who are “book smart”, but also in those who are “street smart”. Similar to Graff’s essay, Mark Rose touches upon the idea that people who spend more of their time in a more academic environment are not as intelligent as those who don’t. Although both Graff and Rose touch upon similar ideas with minimal differences, they both view each of the problems with different perspectives by creating solutions to their…show more content…
He continues by arguing how professors are following the wrong way about doing their correct job and how they only focused on the academic intelligence that they sustainably avoid the wonderful advantages of being “street” smart. In other hands, In the essay “Blue Collar Brilliance”, Rose exposes his beliefs to his readers about the blue collar jobs and how it not right that they are seen by others as having a useless job. He mentions, “I’ve since studied the working habits of blue-collar workers and have come to understand how much my mother’s kind of work demands of both body and brain” (Rose 1034). Rose’s mother, Rosie did not only memorize strategies but she learned both psychologically and emotionally (1034). She treated her work place as her own classroom where she would learn and when she had a problem, both technical or human, she would solve it in a hurry (1034). Graff and Rose do have different point of views but they touch upon similar
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