Gerald Jackson's Argument Essay: The Value Of College Education

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After reading both arguments, The argument about The Value of a College Education stated better facts, than the argument What is College Really Worth. Argument B, is better supported, because it was talking about why college education shouldn’t be underestimated. College education is good to have if you wanna have a good paying job that can pay all the pills without being stressed out about not having enough money to pay them. A fact they stated in their argument “The U.S. News & World Report issued a report in December 2011 that stated individuals with a college education earned approximately 100 percent more, on average, than those who only had a high school diploma or ged credential”. Why i stated the statement is because people with college education gets better jobs than people without…show more content…
They actually stated this “Gerald Jackson, the founder of a nonprofit group called Learning for Everyone, has also made the point that not all students need to prepare for college”. I strongly disagree with that statement because there is very smart people who don’t need to prepare for college but college isn’t like high school, college is a very different level of education it’s gonna be a lot harder than high school work. So basically anybody going to college should study for it cause you know what to go to college thinking you know everything and then fail. The people that aren’t going to college and plan on going straight into the workforce will be hard, because they are going in blind without going to college to have a set job title. Both of the arguments were good ones they both stated facts on what they were arguing about i just thought argument B was the better argument. The reason why i thought it was a better argument he/she stated better information than the other
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