Gerald Jampolsky Change Your Life Analysis

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C. Analysis/Interpretation As seen in my trash catalogue, the only occurrence I felt guilty was when I discarded food. My awareness of the story that goes behind the food operations, such as the inhumane practices of animal abuse, evokes feelings of remorse. I perceived the history of my leftover food analogous to my own history, which creates a stronger sense of rapport. On the other hand, I hold an indifferent attitude for the plastic garbage that constitute the majority of my trash. My inadequate knowledge of the plastic industrial process contributes to my detached mindset. When both of these items are consumed in excess, it becomes detrimental to the health of the planet. The depletion animals lead to catastrophic changes in the environment…show more content…
According to Gerald Jampolsky, author of Change Your mind: Change Your Life, “[…] We are afraid that we are going to be hurt, rejected or unloved again and are fearful of the future because we believe that the awful past is doomed to repeat itself. When this is our belief, we find that is impossible to be happy in the present. Instead we spend our time superimposing the past upon the present.” This quote implies that by holding on to the pain from our past, it prevents us from thriving in our current lives. We have no control over the past, however, the present moment provides us with the ability to make actual changes that will dictate our future. When we perceive the past to be the directors of the future, we overlook the importance of the present. Personally, the fear of being a subject to ridicule due to my accent restrains me from conquering my current challenges. Shaped during my childhood, my public speaking anxiety plays a dominant role into my life today. It restrained me from pursuing endeavors such as leadership roles in clubs that requires public speaking. It ingrains a sense of shame and low self-esteem in me. To overcome this negative preconceived notion of my anxiety, it’s necessary to stop dwelling about the past and faced my fears in the
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