Geraldine Moore Point Of View Essay

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Three of the most important aspects of any story are the point of view, characterization and plot. In the short stories “Geraldine Moore the Poet,” “The Story-Teller,” and “Enemy Territory” this statement proves to be true. With a good analysis, all of these things can be found in the stories. Additionally, the point of view, characterization and plot can relate to the theme. The point of view needs to be scrutinized throughout the whole story. In other words, if the reader were to read just the first sentence and take a guess on the point of view, there is a chance it would be wrong. The reader can not base their thoughts of what the point of view is just by reading the first sentence. Also, characterization or the representation a…show more content…
A reader must know the correct characterization of someone in order to fully understand the story. Understanding the point of view and characterization is just as important as understanding the plot. The conflict, climax and other aspects are a major part of the plot as a whole. To put it differently, all the components of a story are equal.

In the analysis of “Geraldine Moore the Poet” by Toni Cade Bambara the reader can see how the three aspects tie into the theme. The point of view of a story in the angle in which it is written. It shows the reader the opinions or feelings of an individual. First person, second person, and third person are the three major kinds of point of view in which a story can be told. Third person can sometimes break off into third person omniscient or limited. Limited is when the story is only told from one character’s point of view. While omniscient is when the reader knows the thoughts
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The point of view of “Geraldine Moore the Poet” is third person limited. The reader is limited to the point of view of only one character. In this story, it is the thoughts and feelings of Geraldine Moore. Proof of this can be found anywhere in the story. Toni Cade Bambara beings the story with, “Geraldine paused at the corner to pull her knee socks.” This automatically tells the reader that the story will be from
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